Attacking those who disagree with you, throwing things at them, banging on their cars, and chasing them isn’t “protesting.” It’s breaking the law, and these idiots should be in jail.

Protesters attacked Donald Trump supporters on the sidelines of a San Jose rally Thursday night, in a raucous scene where a dozen or more people were punched and at least one woman was pelted with an egg.

Protesters also reportedly grabbed Trump hats from supporters and set the hats on fire on the ground.

Police eventually moved into the crowd to break it up and make arrests. At least four people were taken into custody, though police didn’t release total arrest figures Thursday night. One officer was assaulted, police Sgt. Enrique Garcia said.

Word is the police kept their distance and let it play out, while keeping the crowd from getting any closer to the convention center where Trump was speaking. If they’re throwing things and punching people, it should be stopped. What do these people hope to accomplish? The media is describing them as “protesters,” and saying little about the violence. I agree with Herman Cain:

Of course, it’s all complete B.S., because these aren’t “protesters.”  They’re an angry mob of violent, often racist, thugs who are rioting in the streets to silence speech with which they disagree.

Make no mistake, they have every right to their opinions. Those who are here legally should be allowed to gather, protest peacefully, and make their voices heard.  Those who are here illegally should be cuffed, processed, and deported – immediately – but if you’re a citizen of this country the right to assemble is absolutely protected.

However, the second you start targeting the 1st Amendment rights of others you’ve crossed the line. If you’re attacking people, destroying property, fighting cops, and burning other people’s belongings – all in an attempt to instill fear in your opponents – you’re nothing more than a cheap hooligan and you should be jailed for your crimes.  End of story.

Seems we’re bent on letting the idiots among us have their way.


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