No more nibbling around the edges, no more flanking movements via driving up energy costs through exorbitant regulatory burdens and litigation blitzkriegs.  Despite the unparalleled success that the “global warming” Chicken Littles have enjoyed over the years, and especially the preceding three-quarters of a decade with their patron demon in the White House, that success has still not been universal, because the country still runs predominantly on economically sane and plentifully fossil fuels, and the public’s appetite for “clean power” fantasies is inversely proportional to the size of their bank accounts.

So now the Watermelon Brigade (green on the outside, red on the inside) has dropped any and all pretense of any and all disguises or euphemisms and are coming right out and saying it: We are communists and we are, accordingly, going to seize the means of energy production to take it all away from You the People and are going to forcibly shove the Venezuealan economic miracle down your throats:

The Supreme Court’s decision in February to stay Barack Obama’s “Clean Power” Plan may lead to a protracted legal battle over aging, unprofitable and environmentally unsound coal plants. But instead of litigating our way out of the problem, there is a simpler solution: The federal government could buy the plants and close them.

Which brings us right back to the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment and the fact that constitutionally speaking, it is the seller that determines what is an acceptable price of such a transaction and not the federal government.  And while the Obama Regime isn’t exactly an exemplar of frugality, they’re not going to be willing to pay any price to shut down the U.S. energy sector, even though it would be with other people’s money, because this ultimately is not about policy or profligacy, but about power.

Which explains their proposed “Plan A”:

There is another alternative — which I’ll call Plan A — that would avoid the considerable litigation risks of the “Clean Power” Plan and achieve more quickly and with greater certainty a reduction in emissions at least equal to those of the “Clean Power” initiative. Under Plan A, the federal government would buy or, if necessary, seize under eminent domain all existing U.S. coal plants and close them over ten years. Such a use of federal authority is well-established and would not be subject to serious legal challenge. (Plant owners could dispute the amount of compensation offered but not the public purpose of federal action intended to protect the environment.)

Hillary Clinton would sign off on this in a heartbeat.  And you know who else is a YUUUUUGE fan of eminent domain and seizing private property for his own nefarious, against-the-public-interest purposes?  Donald Trump.  So one way or another, the above plan is going to happen, and sooner rather than later.

To give you an idea of the implications of what’s coming, here are the current numbers: 1/3 of all U.S. energy comes from coal-fired power plants.  Wind?  4.7%.  Solar?  0.6%. And the latter two are propelled by billions upon billions in wasted taxpayer subsidies.  How would they magically engineer the 522% increase in output necessary to replace coal when sunshine and wind are fickle and unreliable energy sources at the best of times and we lack the technology to efficiently gather and store the former?

The guaranteed end result of “Plan A” is the loss of millions more U.S. jobs and the skyrocketing energy prices that Barack Obama promised us eight years ago.  The only thing that the Left has learned between then and now is that they are required to use openly communistic means of making it happen.  And they will, no matter who’s in the White House a year from now.

I’ve been fully occupied with my elderly father’s business the past week, but I will admit to luxuriating in the time away from the political crapola.  Not that I really expected anything to have rebounded over that time, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind another vacation while there’s still electricity to power it.


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