He got on base by nailing former South Carolina senator and current Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint in an interview with Newsmax TV….:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tells Newsmax TV that he slammed former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and the Senate Conservatives Fund that he founded in his new memoir because the group keeps “helping to nominate people who couldn’t win in November.”

 “We lost three races in 2010 in Delaware and Colorado — and in Nevada by nominating candidates who were simply unelectable in a general election,” McConnell, 74, the six-term Kentucky Republican, told “Newsmax Prime” host J.D. Hayworth Friday in an exclusive interview. “Then, we did it again in Missouri and Indiana in 2012.”…
He calls DeMint a hypocrite who would be “almost submissive” in meetings with fellow legislators but then attack them in front of reporters.

I vented identical frustrations, on the same grounds, at hardstarboardblog.com and political pistachio at the time and for years afterwards.  Those five seats were low-hanging fruit and would have gotten the GOP within one seat of a filibuster-proof Senate majority in the 2014 mid-term elections.  Imagine four more Tea Party conservatives (the fifth would have been RINO Mike Castle of Deleware) in the upper chamber over the past year and a half; think those votes might have come in handy?

But let us not forget that Mitchie The Kid is a party man before he’s a conservative, which makes that last jab at DeMint more than a little ironic in light of his craven demurral of labeling Donald Trump’s remarks about Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge in the Trump University fraud lawsuit, as being the racist slurs they clearly are:

Todd: You know what he’s said about this Federal Judge that is overseeing this Trump University lawsuit. Um, he has called… he essentially said that he cannot be impartial because he’s Hispanic. That’s a… is that not a racist statement?

McConnell: I couldn’t disagree more with a statement like that.

Todd: Is it a racist statement?

McConnell: I couldn’t disagree more with what he had to say.

Todd: Okay, but, why… do you… do you think it’s a racist statement to say.

McConnell: I don’t agree with what he had to say. This is a man who was born in Indiana, all of us came here from somewhere else. Almost all Americans are near term immigrants like my wife who came here at age eight, not speaking a word of English, or the rest of us whose ancestors were risk takers, who got up from wherever they were and came here and made this country great. That’s an important part of what makes America work.

Todd: I want to read you something that Erick Erickson, a conservative commentator wrote for the Resurgent, he wrote it yesterday. “The attacks are racist. To claim that someone is unable to professionally perform his job because of his race is racism. And damn the GOP for its unwillingness to speak up on this. The party of Lincoln intends to circle its wagons around a racist. Damn them for that.” What do you say to Mr. Erickson?

McConnell: I think the party of Lincoln wants to win the White House. And the right-of-center world needs to respect the fact that the primary voters have spoken. Donald Trump has won the nomination the old fashioned way – he got more votes than anybody else. Is he the perfect candidate for a lot of us? Not.. he isn’t. But we have a two party system here, and Hillary Clinton is certainly not something that I think would be good for the country for another… to continue, basically, the Obama administration for another four years.

So McConnell disagrees with what Trump said about Judge Curiel but won’t say why he disagrees even though his filibustering of Chuck Todd’s invitation to state the obvious clearly indicates it is for that reason – that what Trump said was racist – and blandly calls for all Republicans and ex-Republicans, most especially us #NoneOfTheAbovers, to close ranks behind Trump anyway on the purported binary grounds that Hillary Clinton is somehow “even worse”.  Except that Trump is just as bad as the Empress, and at the very least spouts racist garbage on a regular basis.  And McConnell thinks Trump has a snowball’s chance of winning in November in the more or less complete absence of any compelling evidence for such forlorn hopes.

No, Senator, we do not have to respect the choice of a large minority of the GOP electorate.  And we will not evince that respect with our votes or absence of loud opposition.

But I suspect that McConnell agrees with us.  He simply does not have the luxury of publicly saying so so long as he chooses to put party before principle.  But he also knows that he’ll be Senate Minority Leader again dealing with President Rodham soon enough.

For Kentucky’s senior senator, it’ll be like coming home.


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