Yes, that is utterly and completely unfathomable, isn’t it?:

Violent crimes ranging from homicides to rapes to robberies have been on the rise in many major U.S. cities so far this year.

But experts can’t point to a single reason why and the jump isn’t enough to suggest there’s a trend.



APTOPIX Suspect Dies Baltimore

Suspect Dies Baltimore

Baffling.  Completely baffling.

But have no fear, my friends, for the nation’s chief law enforcement officer is on the case:

Barack Obama commuted the sentences of forty-two federal prisoners Friday, as the White House intensifies its push to free nonviolent drug offenders from prisons.

The president has now shortened the sentences of 348 people during his presidency, more than the previous seven presidents combined. The White House has accelerated its efforts to release prisoners in the tail end of the president’s second term.

 The Obama administration asked the U.S. Sentencing Commission to allow imprisoned drug offenders to apply for reduced sentences in 2014, and began a program to expedite thousands of clemency requests.

I rather doubt that he’s excluding violent criminals from that anti-dragnet.  And doesn’t that process usually begin with “nonviolent” offenses and “progress” to the violent variety in fairly short order?  Sounds to me like O is laying in a guaranteed supply of fresh meat for the latter.

But who cares about that when it’s “racist cops” that are clearly the REAL problem, right?  Well, that and “guns,” of course.  Goodness gracious, what was I thinking?

Better call Robert Stack and the Scooby Doo gang to crack this conundrum right away.  It’s a mind-twister, alright.



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