I never did get around to writing a review of this “special two-hour event” at the time or in the intervening seven years, and when it’s been that long, you tend to forget that you didn’t write it.  And now I’m in the position of this episode being the next in line, and I don’t have the time to sit down and write it in any way that would do it justice.  So I’ll post a quote from Jammer and be done with it.  Which works in this case, since my take on “Razor” is similar.  Basically, the ruthless “survival at any cost” path that Admiral Cain takes is the one that Admiral Adama probably would have as well had he not had President Roslin riding herd on him and serving as his sounding board and conscience.  In real life, Cain would probably have been right – I long ago wrote about the folly of Adama treating his crew and command like it was a “family” and he its father – but this series at heart was always about whether survival for its own sake was enough, and whether the survivors of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol were worthy of it.  In “Razor,” Helena Cain proves herself the more likely survivor, and renders that survival most pyrrhic indeed.

If you wanted your Battlestar Galactica fix — and there’s little doubt that the fans, myself included, did — “Razor” will do the trick. Coming nearly eight months after the third-season finale aired — and somewhere between three and four more months before the fourth season will finally premiere — this two-hour BSG movie fills the lengthy gap by providing, if nothing else, something to tide us over until March. In doing so, it plunges us into the dark and ugly world of Admiral Cain’s Pegasus, not seen since the second season.

To that end, “Razor” is typical, solid BSG: dark, compelling, and uncompromising in its vision of its amoral main characters. If there’s a problem with “Razor,” it’s that….


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