You all know why why I’m here.  You do not, however, know where I’ve been since I opened up this site, other than a brief flurry a week ago.  The answer is simple yet twofold.

The first fold is that, for the first time in nearly three years of full-time, seven day a week, twelve-hour a day (on average) blogging, once I was ousted from Political Pistachio, I took a vacation.  From blogging, from the gigantic, bipartisan stink of American politics, from the malodorous decay of American culture, from the daily, unappreciated grind of keeping somebody else’s site going and elevated far above that of which its owner was, is, or ever will be capable, all of it.  I got up and watched my favorite cable channels or watched movies on my laptop or lost myself in YouTube for entire afternoons or whatever else.  I vegged.  I hibernated.

To the degree that the second fold allowed, which wasn’t much.

On May 17th, I was called into a conference with the administrator of the assisted living facility where dear old Dad has lived since last October.  I knew what the conference was going to be about from the moment the admin called me: Father required a greater level of care than even they were any longer able to provide.  He was going to have to move again.

This latest physical deterioration had onset the previous week with a virulent recurrence of his chronic urinary tract infection that left him bedridden.  Taking the facility nurse’s suggestion of hospitalization and physical therapy to regain some of his strength and wanting to find out whether more than the UTI was involved, I had Dad hospitalized.  But a thorough examination and MRI revealed nothing but the UTI.  So he spent a week and a half in the hospital on IV antibiotics and another ten days in a skilled nursing facility under the same treatment regimen.

In the mean time, I had to try to find him a new, and God-willing permanent, home which I did at an adult family home about ten miles from Hard Starboard Galactic HQ.  Then I had to arrange for and carry out yet another move of what belongings he could take with him and distribution and disposition of those belongings he could not, and arrange for home health nursing, and a visiting primary care physician since he can’t get to doctor appointments by anything except an ambulance, which is obscenely expensive, and the required the dismissal of the home health service and replacement by another, and on and on and on it went, until finally this past week he was all moved in at the AFH and everything was arranged….and then I get an email from the owner of the AFH telling me that he’s been driving the caregivers nuts day and night having them micromanage the thermostat, which required me to drop what I was doing and go over and tell him, in so many words, to knock it off unless he wanted to be discharged from the AFH, requiring yet ANOTHER move to the only other alternative left: a nursing home where he’d be paying twice as much, would have no belongings left, and would have a roommate he wouldn’t want.

I tried to transition back into daily blogging coverage, but last week wouldn’t permit that, much less the resumption of my weekday podcast.  And it has been really nice to take a load off and relax.  And the political landscape hasn’t gotten any less ubiquitously hostile to the 21st century Jeremiah, whose words almost nobody wants to hear.

But eventually I’ll start getting bored again, and I do need something to keep myself occupied until my bank account is finally exhausted.  Or I land the job I’m applying for today, whichever comes first.

So I’ll probably be ramping it back up this week, quantity and frequency to be determined, quality undiminished.  If I don’t, I’ll let you know why next weekend.


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