Well, I’m a little slow posting because this is quite a bit different than Blogger. I’m getting it though, slowly but surely.

Ever notice how quiet the homosexual/lesbian/transgender/various other freak rights groups are about how much money the Clintons take from regimes who imprison gays just for being gay?

The Clinton Foundation has accepted millions from Middle Eastern and other foreign governments that criminalize homosexuality – but prominent gay rights groups in America have stayed silent on the apparent disconnect between Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric and the donations.

“Unquestionably, they’re not standing up for their principles,” said Human Rights Foundation President Thor Halvorssen.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee frequently talks about her support for the LGBT community, while ripping what she describes as discriminatory policies in the U.S.

“It’s outrageous that, in 2015, you can still be fired for being gay,” she told the Human Rights Campaign in an October 2015 speech. “You can still lose your home for being gay. You can even be denied a wedding cake for being gay.”

But published reports and figures provided by the Clinton Foundation on its website show the group has accepted millions from countries that prosecute and imprison gay people – and worse. The following is an overview of those contributions, as well as policies from donor nations as detailed by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA).

I doubt that anyone is seriously surprised at the Clintons’ hypocrisy. And by the way, Mrs. Clinton, nobody was “denied a wedding cake.” That couple had bakeries offering to make their cake for free. No, they and their loving, tolerant leftist buddies wanted to make an example of Christian owners simply because they disagreed.  Why is the ILGA silent on this issue? Gosh, you don’t suppose they’re hypocrites too?


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